Project Contact

Teo Chor Guan
idmtcg at

Project Description

VISE, or Virtual Interactive Simulation Environment, is the first in a series of medical training applications for VR. This version simulates a mass casualty disaster scenario occuring at a highway where (up to 4 players simultaneously) must triage the injured and perform basic life saving intervention measures. The controls of the game are designed to be intuitive and realistic. Instead of using buttons to interact with the environment, players must go through the motion of the actions:

  • kneeling down and placing their head over the casualty's mouth to detect breathing
  • tilting a casualty's head using both hands to clear the airway
  • pressing a casualty's thumb to check their capillary refill rate
  • picking up triage tags and applying to a casualty

Players get a score card after they perform triage on the casualty, as a form of immediate feedback on their actions.

Typically, a mass casualty disaster drill (for training) takes up a lot of resources and time in terms of time, manpower and other logistic costs, not to mention blocking out large physical space which may cause inconveniences to people in the area. VISE addresses these difficulties by providing a cost-effective and reusable solution for medical students to learn the process of triaging, or for first responders on a refresher course. VISE is not designed to be a full on replacement for actual drills, but with VISE, the users build up muscle memory on the processes which they can carry on with greater familiarity to actual disaster drills and even events.

The accuracy of the content in VISE has been crafted with the verification of doctors with the intent of immersive realism, and also to ensure that it accomplishes the learning goals of the training.