The Lost Foxfire

Project Description

'The Lost Foxfire' (迷い狐火)is a multi-sensory Virtual Reality (VR) game that uses the sense of heat and smell to find and stop a Foxfire from accidentally burning down your house. The player uses five heat modules to sense heat on the front, back, left, right of the neck, and one for the face. It also uses one smell module to warn the player that the Foxfire is in the room.

The additional sensory cues in the form of heat and smell create a more immersive gameplay environment for the players, something rarely seen in current games. This is a gaming experience that uses real sensations not just for immersion, but as a gameplay mechanic!

Use the heat and find the real Foxfire! Is that the real Foxfire in the room? Take a sniff and find out! Stop your house from burning down!