Project Contact

Yen Ching-Chiuan
didyc at nus.edu.sg

Team Members

Past Members

Joshua Navin

Pham Thanh Ha

Tan Er Jue

Project Description

Augmented Reality, or AR for short, brings virtual content into the physical world. Through AR we are able to learn about the world in engaging new ways. Creating AR can be difficult though, hence we introduced LeARnus; a web platform that empowers anyone to create AR easily. Content creators - teachers for example - have the ability to take information out from textbooks and into LeARnus to create engaging games. The editor allows for incorporating interactions such as displaying text and transforming objects. These, along with many more actions help teachers get key concepts across, in real-time. LeARnus also features profile and student management where teachers are able to create student accounts and tag them to modules the teacher teaches. Students access games from their devices through a downloadable app both on Android and iOS.

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