Dental Anaesthesia Simulation

Project Contact

Yen Ching-Chiuan
didyc at

Project Description

The administration of anaesthesia on the Inferior Alveolar Nerve is a blind procedure as the landmarks of the nerve are hidden under the gums and muscles. To compensate for the lack of visual cues, dental students feel for the bone under the gum with their fingers then visualise the needle path and practice. This project combines 3D printing technology, silicone casting and Augmented Reality (AR) to make the simulation model close to the real experience. The jaw is modelled from the patient’s CT data scan and printed with 3D printing technology. The silicone is casted with varying density over the 3D model to simulate the gum and muscle layers. The AR technology tracks the needle movement and provides real-time feedback on the students’ performance. With the additional visual cue, students are able to know where and how far away the needle is, in relation to the nerve.