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Yen Ching-Chiuan
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Krishna Kannan
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Kelvin Cheng

Leong Shi Jie

Barry Chew Zehe

Le Hung

Fajilatun Nahar

Dung Nguyen

Project Description

This project aims to turn every space in the world, into trails of narratives through various places. Whether it be historical, architectural, edible, enjoyable, or just memorable, we provide a platform to let you share them, and let people experience the world in a new perspective.

Specifically, Crowd Trails is a location-based social app for creating and sharing geographic trails. Like a digital tourist guide or heritage trails guide, it features a database of trails for you to choose from. Trails are created by the people, for the people, so you can create trails while on the go and share them with your friends. Whether you are a tourist or a heritage enthusiast, you can contribute to make these trails bigger and more exciting by sharing your own experiences, uploading new media, and liking or writing comments about other people's stories, giving life to unknown places.

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