Colposcopy Project

Project Contact

Eason Chow Wai Tung
didcwt at

Yen Ching-Chiuan
didyc at

Project Description

The colposcopic training simulator comprises of a lifelike silicone casted vagina model that is encased within a 3D printed simulator mounting. The process of educational training is done by using in conjunction with a colposcopic/treatment couch in order to get appropriate position and height for the participant to get good visualization and access into the simulated vagina for treatment.

Features of the project are:

  • Simulates the anatomical and spatial relationship between the vagina and cervix to allow for a realistic environment for colposcopy procedure, cervical biopsy and treatment
  • Simulates the mechanics of colposcopy procedure and treatment by extracting correct sample removal of the pig tongue specimen placed at the back of the simulator
  • Portable and space saving
  • Provides accurate and flexible placement of pig tongue specimen

The simulator comprises of a main unit housing the anatomy of the vagina made of life-like silicon material and an external platform to hold the cervix substitute in place by means of suturing. It is designed with a weighted base within an A5 footprint.

The organic specimen is put on a diathermy pad before mounted on the simulator. Specimen used to mimic the cervix can be a variety of meat including ox tongue, pig’s tongue or chicken breast.