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Teo Chor Guan
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Kevin Chiam

Project Description

Harry and Friends is a collaborative project with a local primary school (ages from 9 to 12) to attempt using AR technology to help lower primary science students understand how and why the 3 major human body systems (respiratory, circulatory and digestive) are interconnected.

We set out and done user interviews and observations, with teachers and students, then came out with a mobile AR application with physical cards and mat. This was tested with the school whose teachers provided the pedagogical inputs as well as domain knowledge content.

Activity Instructions:

  • Groups of students (any size) to be given a deck of 9 cards, a play mat and a mobile device with app installed
  • Launch application on mobile device and in menu screen, choose to try either the journey of air or food
  • To begin journey, application will ask to scan a defined 1st card
  • Application will then prompt to scan another card of their choice
  • Each successful scan, right or wrong, will output informative feedback on the mobile device, alongside audio and haptic feedback
  • Upon completion of the full flow, the application will return to the start again, for students to challenge the other flow or retry

The AR experience with physical cards and mat garnered more participation and group learning interactions among groups throughout. Learning the rationale behind wrong choices was effective in understanding the systems sequence as well, proving this project a success.