Real-time collaboration on a shared map with multiple displays

Cozy Maps is a multi-display system that supports real-time collocated collaboration on a shared map. It provides rich user interactions by introducing activity awareness and view sharing capability to enable seamless information sharing and integration in map-based applications. It can be used in conjunction with several tablet devices, laptops, and shared large displays.

Effective collaboration has become increasingly important for map based information sharing. This is especially important in multiple display environments, such as meeting rooms and living rooms, where there is an increasing need for multi-screen collaboration and sharing.

Existing solutions often use standard screen sharing approaches where collaborators mirror the informational screen of one another’s. However, these solutions do not allow collaborators to simultaneously work on the same information space at the same time. Google Doc has been used extensively to enable simultaneous collaboration on the same document. But the same technology so far does not exist for collaborating and sharing on geographical map systems.

This technology is the first of its kind in enabling multiple users to collaborate in real-time on map-based applications effectively by showing where each collaborator is viewing, what each other is doing in real-time, and be able to share each other’s views.

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Eng Teng Chuan