Catapy is a car that provides the fun of chasing. Catapy itself is a palm-sized motorized car covered by a caterpillar track, and it is able to run across a field freely even on an irregular ground. The user can enjoy the chasing of Catapy that runs tantivy. By connecting a number of Catapy, the user can also enjoy the transition of its shape and function. For instance, when the user connects two Catapy, she/he can control it like a common RC tank. If three Catapy are connected like a horseshoe shape, it can traverse the handrail of a stair. The user can make them a turntable if there are five Catapy or more.



  • James Dyson Award Regional Judging (Japan) Nov. 2012
  • Excellence Prize in the 15th Japan Media Arts Festival, Entertainment Division (Japan) Feb. 2012
  • Silver Award in ACE 2011 Creative Showcase & Interactive Art (Portugal) Nov. 2011


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Yuichiro Katsumoto